Heather has two girls, a new liver, and joy

Heather was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis young, then made it through nursing training, graduate school, dating, getting married, and having her first baby before her PSC symptoms started to really affect her quality of life. She speaks about how she and her husband approached having another child, planning for, then recovering from, a living donor transplant, and how roles and work have shifted in their family.

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Emily has her son post diagnosis and survives UC, PSC, cancer and transplant with optimism

Emily has been battling serious illnesses, PSC, UC since she was 19, and liver cancer at 33. As a mother, she has done her best to create an optimistic life with as little fear for her young son as possible as she has survived a colectomy, cancer treatment and a liver transplant. She discusses what it was like to be in survival mode for most of her adult life, what it meant to be a “sick mom” and how her outlook since transplant is all about her zest for life and what might come next.

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Natalie explains to her young sons that mommy’s liver works a little differently

Natalie and boys.png

Natalie learned of her PSC diagnosis when her sons were very young. She had been pursuing the “perfect” stay-at-home-mom life and soon discovered that when mother is your central role, PSC will definitely affect how you parent. She shares how she has talked to her sons about PSC and how her family has grown in not only understanding her disease but becoming very active in the larger PSC community.

Serbrina and her marriage survive and thrive post-transplant without children


Serbrina and her husband survived a 10-year waitlist for her life saving transplant made necessary by the progression of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. While her feelings about motherhood at this stage in her life are complex, she holds possibility for that and all areas of her life. She discusses the shifting considerations, emotions, and frames of mind that PSC brought to her lived experience and how a successful transplant has transformed how she approaches time and living life.

Katrina has second child and peace of mind post PSC diagnosis

Katrina family photo.jpeg

Katrina’s medical journey began at 15 with her Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis, but as she found experts that provided much needed relief, she was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. She discusses her shift in outlook, her support system, her second pregnancy and what role PSC plays, or doesn’t, in her day to day life.

Kiersten, a child of a PSCer, has 2 healthy children after difficult pregnancies

Kiersten knew the dangers of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis as a result of her father’s diagnosis. She faced her own diagnosis as a young adult and found that her PSC had a different progression. In the 3-year window that her doctor gave her, she had two pregnancies that included a lot of uncertainty, bed rest and ultimately, vibrant young children.

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Britt discusses her easy 2nd pregnancy after PSC diagnosis

Britt was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis when her daughter was 2 years old. Years later she was surprised to find she was pregnant again with her son. She speaks to the emotional process of accepting her diagnosis as a mom, focusing on her health, and re-imagining what her family would look like. 

Stories at the Intersection of PSC and Parenthood

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis is a rare disease. Women being diagnosed during or even before their child bearing age is even rarer- yet for these women it is often one of the challenges they have to consider.  This project aims to fill a void of information about PSC and pregnancy through the stories of those who have considered it and experienced it.  The site does not intend to give medical advice but to share experiences that PSCers can then discuss with their medical team.